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Some feel the recession…and some don’t at all!

Posted by Ilise Benun on

I sent out one of my Quick Tips this morning (read it here) about what I'm hearing from folks (mostly around the U.S.) — some are really feeling the recession that supposedly ended more than a year ago (!), while others are having their best year ever.

Frankly, I'm not sure how to explain it. I can't make generalizations, but I can say that the people who are positioned well, who are diligently marketing and who know exactly who to go after and what to say to them — they're the ones getting work.

For example, here's how Marc Posch from Marc Posch Design replied:

Recession? Depression? Our business is up big time. We can hardly feed the demand. What is interesting, though, we are dealing more now with companies doing business in China and Russia since this is where the money is. I know it's sad news for the US. But funding in general is very tight. US banks are sitting on 1.7 Trillion and just running pretty ads.

We have so many innovative folks here, dreaming the next big energy/recycling/entertainment thing, but they can't get it off the ground due to lack of funding. China is much more receptive right now – and 11% economic growth right now speaks for that. Same with India (7%), or Brazil…they are all on steroids right now and try to extract whatever technology they can get from here – solar panels, waste recycling, publishing, cars…. the list is endless.

What about you?

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