So nice to finally meet in-person

Here I am with members of Marketing Plan Group #2 who gathered from across the country and met in-person over dinner at Carmine's in NYC recently.

Last year, the group’s members, Mallory Gazecki of Slick + Slicker Designs, Stephanie Helline of Strategic Design Studio and Joan Reilly of Life of Reilly Organizers developed a real bond during the group process, working so hard and learning so much together. It was wonderful to finally put faces to the voices.

(One member of the group had dropped out to go to nursing school. Maybe blood and guts was less scary than research calling?)

When you share your goals, your successes, and your weaknesses – and when you learn and grow together – you really do form a tight knit group, even if it's virtual. One of my current groups is planning to meet at this year’s CFC (June 5-6, 2010 in Denver CO).

If you want to find out what this group thing is all about, consider joining one of the next Marketing Plan Groups. There are 2 spots open in the one that starts the week of April 5th.