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Simple things can ease networking pain

Posted by Colleen Wainwright on

We love the great stories and conversations that spring up in the comments here at the Marketing Mix. But it’s also fun to get email replies to certain topics from our readers, especially when they contain great stories — like this one from designer Jane Rainwater, in response to a recent post about networking:

When I first started my design studio I was a bit shy around groups and approaching strangers. What I did was make a button for myself that said "Networking is better than notworking". I wore my button to some large networking events along with a gorgeous hat from my collection. What I found was that people approached me… They would ask about my hat and notice my pin and would laugh. That immediately broke the ice. Over the years I became known in creative and business circles as "the lady with the hat" and would always remember my name (Rainwater is a memorable name).

Jane goes on to say that of course, she didn’t rely on a hat and a button to get and keep business; she methodically followed up on leads and put aside as much time for marketing and actually doing work as she did networking.

Still, it’s great to hear of simple, small solutions to making networking a wee bit less painful.

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