Side project? Get it moving today.

If you have a passion project, here are some great resources (from some upcoming conferences) that I don’t want you to miss:

At HOW Design Live Conference (Atlanta, May 19-23), creatives will be presenting their passion project (Shark Tank-like) to a panel of experts in a really cool session called Ignite Your Passion Project. Be inspired:

At the Maker Mentors Conference (online tomorrow + Thursday), there will be presentations from 12 creative experts (including myself) hosted via live video. Be inspired:

Ready to take your passion project to the next level? Join us at the conferences:

  • Register for HOW Design Live (Atlanta, May 19-23): Use code HDL16EXT before 4/19 at Midnight to save!
  • Register for the Makers Mentors Conference (Online & Everywhere, April 20 & 21st): Use code “MakerVip” to save $50 on your registration.