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Should You Use Your Web Site to Weed Out Tire-Kickers?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

One of my articles posted on FreelanceSwitch last week recommended, essentially, that freelancers use their web sites to filter out bad prospects. Here’s what I wrote:

Post a form on your web site that prospects fill out if they want an estimate or proposal. The serious prospects will take the time to fill out your form. Tire-kickers and those shopping for price will not. The form, once filled out, also will give structure to the request, help to focus your potential client and put in one place all (or most) of the information you need to get started preparing a proposal. Beyond that, this structure also gives your prospect a sense of how you work and some of the requirements of working with you. It’s part of your positioning as a professional.

There were lots of comments on this, a few questioning the idea of creating a barrier to entry.
What do you think? (Post your comment here or on FreelanceSwitch.)

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