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Should You Just “Double Your Prices”?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

I often hear other marketing and business coaches suggest that you just "double your prices" if you want to get better clients. 

But that makes no sense to me.

It's true that many creatives undervalue their services and are charging too little for all the time they put in for clients who generally don't appreciate or value their services. 

But doubling your prices willy-nilly won't make those clients value your services more or magically bring you better ones.

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There is a lot of effort (and marketing!) that has to go into a strategy to increase both the quality of the clients you serve and what you charge them for it.

If you've tried "just doubling your prices" I'd like to hear about it — especially if I'm totally wrong and it worked.

Anyway, that's just one of the topics Jason Blumer of BlumerCPAs and I tackled in our recent podcast interview for the Creative Freelancer Business Conference/HOW Design Live Speaker Podcast Series. You can listen to it here.

And you can still use my discount code (ILISE14) to get $50 off your ticket to HOW Live or CFBC this May 12-16, 2014 in Boston. You will see CPA and Business Coach, Jason Blumer, in person on "Pricing as an Intimate Act" — and much much more. More details here…

*Illustration by Ian Keith.

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