Should you have a price list for design services?

The process of familiarizing prospects with the cost for your services can be a tricky one. On the LinkedIn Marketing Plan Group, Dawn Mitchell, Owner at G4G Interactive, wonders whether creating a set price list, and posting it on her website, might help.

Here is her question:

What do you think of having a price list?

I've recently noticed that I'm getting more and more tire kickers than usual. I'm starting to get very frustrated because they seem very interested and then drop off once I mention any type of pricing (even if it's a roundabout number). A few that I've talked to are taking ungodly cheaper routes and I'm trying to teach that I'm negotiable and my work is custom work, that general numbers are just a starting point. I have tried to talk about budget and it seems to be a sales game to most people… that or they just don't have any idea what anything costs.

I am in a small business coaching group with a few small business owners like myself and they suggested putting together somewhat of a design menu / price list. I already have one that I can follow, but do you think it would be a good idea to share that? Also, do you think it would be something good to post on your website so you can try to weed out the tire kickers before they even get to you? If I do, I'd be putting a wide range from minimum to maximum and try to fit in the middle with most projects.

What do you think?