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Should you enter competitions?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

This is mostly for the visual creatives out there, but might apply in other disciplines…

I never used to think much of awards and competitions as a marketing tool, but recently I've heard several buyers of photography and design talk about how they start with award-winners when looking for new resources. The fact that someone's work received an award or was "chosen" from amongst a group provides a first filter that saves time and helps prospects and clients separate the wheat from the chaff.

And I've heard creatives talk about the work they get as a result of being featured in a 'best of show' compendium. In fact, many "big books" seem to serve that purpose, including The Big Book of Self Promotion (from HarperCollins), which we wrote the intro for and which is coming out in the Spring.

So during these quiet holidays in the office, take time to research some upcoming competitions:

And what do you think of the competitions? Is it worth the time and money you invest? If so, why? Do your clients use them?

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