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Should You Design Your Own Logo?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

In a recent podcast/blog post, I talked with Julia Reich of Julia Reich Design, about why she changed the name of her business to Stone Soup Creative and how she approached the process. Today, we’re continuing that conversation and talking about how she designed the logo for the new name.

First thing to know: Julia didn’t design her own logo. In fact, one of the reasons she’s changing her name is because her current name doesn’t reflect the fact that Julia Reich Design isn’t just Julia. She has a team of talented designers that help implement her creative direction so she can work with more clients on more projects. So for her own rebrand, she hired someone she trusts and who knows her and her business well, to bring his creativity and objectivity to her rebrand: her senior designer.

Treating herself and her project like a client, Julia drafted a strong creative brief to work from. Hers included (see the brief here):
– Concepts
– Graphic elements
– Personality
– Desireable aesthetics

She also put some visuals up on Pinterest as a kind of “mood board” to spark early conversations about the logo:

In the podcast, Julia talks in more detail about the process of working with her designer but here’s the final logo and how they got there

At the end of the interview, I asked Julia if she wished she could have done it herself? “No,” she said, “I love relinquisihing the day-to-day design to a really talented designer. I embrace the challenge of growing the business every single day. It’s just as creative as graphic design.”

I agree and in fact, I wrote a post recently about how to bring your creativity to growing a business on the Agency Access Blog. 

Listen to the 12-minute interview here.

Do you agree? Disagree? Not sure if you could let someone else design your logo? Whatever your reaction, post your comments here.

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