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Should you change the name of your business?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

In my latest podcast, I talked to Julia Reich of Julia Reich Design who is nearing the end of the long process of rebranding her own firm. She has taken on this project for many reasons but mostly because she was missing out on work because her clients and prospects misperceived her capabilities. She discovered that because of her company name – essentially her own name — clients imagined it was just her doing the work (which is not the case) and as a result were not referring work to her.

If that’s happening to you (or you suspect it might be), you’ll find this interview interesting and maybe even edifying. Julia talks candidly about the perceptions and misperceptions her clients had about her services. And she shared some of the reasons for her rebrand, including:

  1. ‘Julia Reich Design’ sounds like I work alone, and does not accurately represent the team resources devoted to each project & client. These copywriters, designers, developers, etc, are senior-level talent and intrinsic to almost every project. People are often surprised to learn that I personally did not create each and every design. I would like to my business to be presented more like a design firm.
  2. The current name is not interesting or memorable, and therefore I may not be attracting the right clients with the right budgets.
  3. It will be easier to say “we” rather than “I” if my business name is not my own name.

In this first (in a series of 3) podcast interviews, Julia describes in detail the process she has gone through over the past year to find a new name and get feedback from her clients. We also talked about her new tagline, how to come up with one and what the job of a tagline is.

Listen here to find out what her new name and tagline is

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