Should you be discounting your fees right now?

This is a question that came up at my "How to Thrive in a Tricky Economy" presentation, which I gave last night for a NJ chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners.

Because clients and prospects across the board are nervous about spending money right now, the real question is this: how can you offer the services they need for a fee they can pay and still cover your own expenses?

I am not an advocate of discounts; I think it devalues your work in the long term.

I do, however, recommend adding value, throwing in some kind of incentive, to those prospects who seem to be on the fence about working with you.

By the way, I'll be addressing this issue on next week's webinar, How to Talk To Clients About Money, when I interview Jeff Barlow and Julia Reich about how they handle potentially difficult conversations with both prospects and clients. Details here:

What kind of incentives can you offer? What have you seen others offering that adds value? And how does this work for you?