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Should I keep my website general for now?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

So you're in the process of finding your target market — but it takes time and you haven't quite settled on the most viable one yet. Do you wonder how the process of narrowing down your target market should be reflected on your web site? One of my Marketing Plan Group members was curious about this. Here is her question:

Our conversation about narrowing our market down has me thinking. Because all my past work has been in varying areas, I am currently designing my web site so that it is targeted to people in the healthcare industries (Hospital, Nutrition, Childrens care, etc.) Is that still too broad? I would love to have a web site say specifically on designing for cosmetic procedures but have no samples for that part of healthcare. Do I keep my website for now, kind of general and find a way to get into the cosmetic field, then change my website when I have more expertise in that, much more narrow target or should I do something different with the site I am currently designing before I get too far in?

Here is my answer:

When considering just how much to show your focus on your website, here’s our theory. Until you've determined that the market you've chosen is actually viable (and this takes time, so be patient), your web site should be as “generally specific” as possible.

It's a fine line to walk. You should emphasize your target market but also acknowledge other segments of the industry or other industries that you can and have worked with. Use the language that speaks to your target market but also include the specifics that will engage others.

So if you're interested in the healthcare industry but don't know which niches, you could say something like, “We specialize in working with the healthcare industy and focus on: design for cosmetic procedures, hospitals, pediatrics and nutrition."

Here are some web sites that walk that fine line well: (check out the "Clients" page)

Once you get more committed to a market, you can tailor and narrow your website accordingly.

If you need help narrowing your market and finding the right clients, there is one spot left in the Marketing Plan Group that starts the week of the 19th. Details here or fill out this form.

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