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Should I include ________ in my new website?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Danielle Baird, a designer who is revamping her site by taking my Create Your Web Site Now! Group had a question about what should be included in her new website. She asked:

What is your opinion on including fine artwork, illustration or photography as part of my business' site? Do you think it should be nested within the "about me" area? My dilemma is that I can offer illustration or photography services in addition to design, but they are not the primary focus for my business. I am currently doing a wealth of illustration for a school supplies catalog for my corporate client, and I've art directed a large variety of photographs for them… Even though I didn't shoot the images, is it relevant/appropriate to show photography I've art directed?

Here’s my answer:

As for your fine art, illustration, etc. the guideline I would use is this: If a potential client looking at your site would find the information/examples useful, if it adds to the reasons why someone should hire you, then go ahead and include it. But if it's a distraction and makes you look "all over the place" then leave it out or bury it somewhere (like a personal section or maybe in the “about” section).

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