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Posted by Ilise Benun on

In my latest Quick Tip, How Marketing Really Works, I talk about how marketing is never linear and it takes multiple marketing efforts — over time — to get the project. (And how sometimes, you don’t even know how it all happened.)

Here's that tip and some more details about how it actually happened.

Recently, I wrote a recent blog post called, Should I Friend My Mom?, and I asked my client Jonathan Cleveland of Cleveland Design, to read it and comment. It was a few days later when he did, by which time another post was first up, World's Best Subject Line, by another client, copywriter, Conrad Winter.  So he read them both.

Why was Conrad’s guest post on our blog? Because the day before, he had sent out his email newsletter, called the World’s Best Subject Line, and Deidre (our Mix Mistress) read it and thought it would perfect for the Marketing Mix, and she asked Conrad if she could post it.

On the day that Jonathan read the post, one of his big, big clients asked him to find a copywriter for a big, big project. Because he had just read the post, Jonathan thought immediately of Conrad, called him, connected him to the client and within a day or two, Conrad had the project.

Here’s what Conrad had to say about all of this:

I had met Jonathan almost two years ago at HOW, but hadn't stayed in contact. I didn't want to pester him, and I just assumed he'd remember me if he ever had a need. The reality is that I wasn't on his radar at all until he saw my post. It's a good lesson to me that you have to do people a favor and remind them that you're out there.

If that’s not enough of an example of non-linear marketing in action, take a look at what Kathleen Giarrano from Giarrano Design sent in response to my Quick Tip:

Last week I ran into a friend at a tag sale and gave her one of my fun marketing postcards. Later she ran into a friend at a school sporting event who needs a Web site. She gave her friend the card. We had a meeting on Monday and I just sent off a proposal to design a Web site for her start-up Belgian chocolate and party favor company. Weird but true.

Has this happened to you?

If you need help getting your marketing efforts on track so they can produce some linear, or non-linear results, join my next Marketing Plan Group. It starts on May 6th. Details here or fill out this form.

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