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Self-employment leaving you isolated?

Posted by Deidre Rienzo on


I knew it was making me more productive, but I’m beginning to think that dog ownership might be the best thing I’ve ever done for my business (and for my pursuit of balance as a human being). In the past year, I’ve discovered that for me, having a dog is pretty much a universal solution to all of these problems:

  • Don’t get up early enough? Stay up too late? Get a dog. At 10 PM it’s time to sleep, at 6 AM it’s time to play. You’ll be a well-rested early riser in no time!
  • Sit at your computer until you can’t see straight? Get a dog. You’ll make time for play breaks, walks and treats because you’ll prioritize Sparky’s life balance, therefore invigorating your own.
  • Self-employment leaving you isolated? Get a dog. You’ll meet everyone. You might not always know their names, but you’ll always know their dogs’ names.
  • Wish your office or house were cleaner? Get a dog. You can’t not vacuum constantly. Picking up dog-hair-tumbleweeds is extremely satisfying.
  • Feeling less-than-confident? Get a dog. Sparky thinks you are THE BEST PERSON EVER and lets you know 50 times a day. You’ll find yourself speaking more confidently about money in no time.
  • Feeling stuck? Sparky knows change is possible.
  • Procrastinating your projects or to-do list? Sparky says absolutely not. You will be finished by 5 PM because that is when I pee on other dogs’ pee!
  • Forget to remember how great life is? Get a dog. You can’t help but laugh and be filled with glee when Sparky does the HOLY-MOLY-We’re-Going-For-A-Walk?!-Dance or sees a squirrel, blowing leaf, treat or, well, just about anything.

Now I’m going to keep barreling through my to-do list; 5 PM is rapidly approaching!

*Dog walk photo, courtesy, Shutterstock.

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