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Search a wealth of business information – by keyword

Posted by Ilise Benun on

What if you could have the answers to your creative business questions at your fingertips? With our favorite resource, Creative Business, you can.

You may already know that we offer a partner subscription to the Creative Business Newsletter (that includes Free e-mail and phone advice!), but we are also happy to offer the Creative Business CD-ROM – a virtual business library for design and creative service organizations.

Fifty-three Creative Business newsletter issues (complete years 2005 to 2009 and January to August 2010), along with some thirty forms and ninety separate articles, are on each CD. Hundreds of subjects, ratios, management benchmarks, and subscriber questions/advice are covered, and all can be searched by keyword.

Special Offer: A trial subscription to the PDF edition of the Creative Business newsletter for the balance of 2010 issues is included.

Buy the CD-ROM today with the $10 Marketing Mentor partner discount, or order your subscription to the Creative Business Newsletter (with the $20 MM discount).

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