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Revolve Podcast #3: The “4 Ps” for Choosing Clients w/ Robert Prioleau

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Robert Prioleau of Blue Ion on how to sell if you hate selling

Robert Prioleau of Blue Ion on how to sell if you hate selling

For this 3rd episode in my special Revolve Conference series on the, I welcome Robert Prioleau, Founding Partner and Strategy Director for Blue Ion, a brand experience agency based in Charleston, SC.

Robert’s topic at Revolve is one that’s close to my heart, Selling For Those Who Hate Selling, but we actually talked about much more than that, from the importance of communication and how to figure out the right thing to say, to principles and criteria he uses to choose clients and projects for the firm. Plus he shared a few of the books and people who have inspired him (see the links below).

My favorite part of the conversation: The 4 Ps

Early in his career, Robert thought he was supposed to say “yes” to everything that came along. But when he did, he often felt like a punching bag.

With time, he learned who to say “no” to and developed strong criteria to guide his decisions. He shared the “4 Ps” he uses as his criteria (adapted from what he learned from Bruce Mau).

  1. Are the People interesting?

  2. Is the Project interesting?

  3. Is it Profitable?

  4. Can it fit on your Plate?

Listen to the interview here and on iTunes.

More links

About The Revolve Conference, Oct. 26-28, 2016 in Charleston SC

Revolve Conference is designed exclusively for anyone seeking to improve their knowledge and skills in digital marketing, design/user experience and small business management. This 3-day gathering (one day of hands-on workshops, 2 days of keynotes and sessions) features an impressive line-up of the industry’s shining stars who will share their stories and expertise.

Whether you are an aspiring or seasoned creative professional, an entrepreneur, a student, or a career explorer, come Revolve with us! I’ll be there and hope you will be too.


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