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Revolve Conference: A First Class Inaugural Event

Posted by Ilise Benun on

I’ve spoken at a lot of events over the years, but I have to say, this one was first-class!

Party 1

Karl Hudson Phillips, the force behind Refresh Charleston and WordCamp Charleston, has a big vision and he (with the help of his awesome team) is pursuing it. The Revolve Conference, which took place last week at the Wild Dunes Resort, is just the beginning.

If you missed it, all is not lost, because Ben Callahan of Sparkbox initiated an amazing thing: a simple Google doc where attendees could collaborate on note-taking for all the sessions (on Day 1 there were 3 simultaneous tracks). Anyone could contribute to the notes (I tried to participate but I suspect Ben took most of them — he clearly has an uncanny capacity to focus) and now anyone can read them. (In fact, you can read all the notes from all the events Ben has attended in the past 2 years!)

He kept telling me it’s a simple thing — but I really do find it amazing!

There were so many excellent speakers and a lot of “idea overlap” at this event, especially between my presentation on dealing with problem clients (below), Shauna Mackenzie’s “The Yes Diet” (which I didn’t get to see but heard about and read the notes on — more here) and Ben’s, Letting Go of Workflow Baggage.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There was a lot of Twitter-love with the hashtag: #REVOLVECONF

You can find all the presentations collected so far here.

I hope to be invited back next year and hope you will be there too. Sign up for the newsletter to hear all the details when they’re ready.

And if your company is looking for exciting events to sponsor and support, I highly recommend this one. Contact Karl for details to get involved in next year’s event.

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