Revamping your site? Get in front of the camera.


When you become a designer or creative, you think you’ll be overseeing or directing photo shoots. You don’t think you’ll be the subject of them.

Then you realize that to show your business in its best, most authentic light—photos are required.

Specifically, photos of you.

And your space.

As difficult as showing these visuals might be, it has to happen! Your ideal clients are people too. And they want to have a connection and work with a fellow human being.

I think it’s only fair we help to create that comfort level. Even if it means putting ourselves out of our comfort zones a little.

When it comes to getting photos taken, here’s what I recommend:

  1. Photograph your office. If you don’t like your office, maybe you like part of your office. A corner, a bookshelf, a chair in the sun? Or perhaps you work at a coffee shop. Take a picture there. The whole point is to be authentic and show what your work-life looks like. Get creative. I know you have some fun in your space … show it.
  2. Get over yourself. Resisting having your picture taken? Everybody’s just a human being. We’re all such harsh judges of ourselves. Believe me … I never want to get my photo taken. There will always be 10 pounds to lose, etc. Take a deep breath, let it out and repeat after me, “I am beautiful just the way that I am.”

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