Rekindle your startup passion for Fall…

Pack your bathing suit and beach towels—summer is over and September is here. Fall is a short window to get work done before the holiday mentality sets in. If you’re not quite feeling passionate and energized,’s Team Digital just answered this question:


What's your best advice for getting your "startup passion" back, so that your marketing is effective?

One of my fellow Team Digital members, Jayson DeMers from AudienceBloom, suggests:

Solicit feedback from your customers. If customer feedback is positive, it'll remind you that what you're doing is helping others, and making people happy. If feedback is negative, it'll shed light on what processes can be optimized or obstacles can be tackled. Entrepreneurs love a good challenge, and often the enthusiasm can die when the challenge disappears. Use your customer feedback to continually improve your business so that you can bring more happiness to others.

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