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Reaching out for high tech advice

Posted by Deidre Rienzo on

Wendy Meyeroff from WM Medical Communications, Inc. was sparked by one of my recent blog posts to ask a few questions.  She's a print writer with lots of experience who also writes web content.  She claims she's not a "techie," and says she only first heard the terms SEO and keywords in the beginning of this year.  She's wondering about two things:

  1. I could spend a fortune signing up for classes and investing in books, and also spend hours reading.  But I'm a hands-on type of person.  If I had a tutor, maybe a more techno-savvy "partner" I could probably figure out Google rankings and Twitter (totally confuses me) in a few hours.  Trying to do it alone, I'm just thoroughly confused.  Does anyone know a place where I could barter:  the techie who'd train me in exchange for some really nifty articles they could backlink to enhance their visibility?  (Or maybe something else?)

  2. I started a blog in Blogger, but stopped 'cause someone told me any ads I might glean would enrich Google, not me.  In another place they said you must use WordPress…but they added you need a techie to help you get started or it would take forever.  It looks like you're using Typepad.  I just wanted to ask your attendees to give me an opinion.  Which one is worth either the money or time to invest in?  (Again, maybe I could set up a bartering arrangement.)

Any ideas or advice we can share?

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