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Quick, easy to read, and “one of the best books”?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Creative pros are busy—and they don’t have all day to learn about bettering their business. They need to maximize. That’s why I love hearing that my latest book, The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money is a quick, easy read. 

Here’s some proof:

When Alisa Bonsignore, from Clarifying Complex Ideas, passed through Hoboken early Monday morning on her way back to California, I gave her a copy of the book. She read it on the plane and already wrote a review on her blog – exactly 48 hours later! (Granted, Alisa is pretty amazing and ultra-productive, but still…) Here is Alisa’s review:

Creative professionals are in a strange, unique and interesting position. We’re not plumbers or electricians who show up with parts and tools to fix your emergency. Nobody has a design or content emergency (not that they know of, anyway).

How do you price a service with intangible value? What is your personal philosophy about money, and how does it affect your business? How do you have “the money talk” without your throat closing from sheer panic?

The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money: How to Think About It, How to Talk About It, How to Manage It comes with much of the same tone and wisdom that its author, Ilise Benun, brings to the annual Creative Freelancer Conference. You need to know this stuff, but she’s not going to make you feel like a schmuck for not doing it (yet).

Read the rest on Alisa's blog.
Recently, Lee Silber called it one of the best books he’s read (rather than skimmed) in a long time. I’m thrilled because people seem to be really enjoying the book, and getting great value from it.  See more reviews here.

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