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Q: What’s the “trick” to fixing a difficult relationship with a client?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Not all client relationships are easy and smooth. Along the way, we’re bound to hit a few rocky patches, sticky situations or clashing personalities. But how do we deal?

In my recent blog post for Agency Access, I answered the question: How do I keep a cool head and turn around a difficult client relationship? Here’s an excerpt:

Ah yes, difficult client relationships. Is it you? Is it them?

That’s the first question to ask when faced with a challenging situation. And the answer, usually, is “both.”

Two to Tango
When there’s a problem – whether it’s business-related, personal or something else – everyone plays a role. So the first step is to tease out which part is your responsibility and which part is theirs. To do this, you must keep a cool head and, for creative professionals who tend to lean toward emotion, this calls first and foremost for restraint. Don’t react out of emotion or impulse – that way, you won’t do or say anything you’ll regret.

A few more questions to ask before you do or say anything:

Is it a bad fit?
Did you miss a red flag?
Is this a personality problem or a project problem?
How important is this client/relationship/project?
What would the client say the problem is?

Read more to see my recommended path to resolution

Have you turned around a difficult relationship with a client? Let us know how.


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