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Q: How do I handle multiple identities?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

A: I get this question a lot because (for some reason) creatives who do a lot of different things think they have to encapsulate everything they do in one place and have it make sense.

On the contrary, not everyone has to see or know everything about you. Especially at first glance.

I think it’s all about tailoring your identity (or combo of identities) for each recipient.

So if you’re talking to someone about copywriting, they don’t need to know about your fiction writing, and likewise with the rest.

Also, I make a distinction between two types of situations when you have to handle these multiple identities: one on one and in the public realms.

In one-on-one interactions with people you find or who find you, you have almost total control over what they see when. I suggest you tailor email messages to each type of prospect, have a pdf doc of relevant info/examples you can attach for each and/or direct them to the appropriate web site that is most relevant. (I teach all of this in the Basic Marketing Group, next one starts in July.)

It’s a little trickier in the public realms (i.e. your web site, on LinkedIn) because part of the challenge is that you don’t want to alienate anyone. People find you but you have little control over what they see when and you don’t know what they are looking for.
I wrote an article recently on this topic with a few examples: “Targeted Web Sites that Don’t Alienate.”

As for the more personal aspects of what you do, I would keep a clear separation on the web sites between biz and personal. Maybe there’s a place on your biz site for “personal” work but I would be careful about that. A blog, on the other hand, is the perfect place for the personal work and that’s what people expect from blogs anyway.

Any differing opinions and/or similar challenges?

P.S. If you have questions like this, but don’t need a full mentoring session, I offer advice via email mentoring. Ask me a question, and you’ll get an answer within 48 hours.


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