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Q: He hasn’t replied to my LinkedIn message. What to do?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Recently, I’ve been providing email mentoring – either per question, or via monthly subscription. It’s essentially for anyone who has one-off marketing questions and doesn’t need a full consultation. Here's a recent question I received:

I sent a note (scripted) and request for connection to Tom Smith, owner of Smith Designs. He has accepted connection but hasn't replied to the note. What to do?

Here’s my answer:

That’s normal. Don’t take it as anything negative. (LinkedIn doesn’t make it easy to respond to the actual notes.)

Here’s what you do next:
Take the email address (which you’ll find in the message you receive, advising that he accepted your connection) and send your note again, but this time a bit more expanded) with the question you want answered.

So, for example, “Dear Tom, thanks so much for connecting on LinkedIn. I see you’re attending the big trade show in September and would love to help out if you need it. Just let me know and we can chat.”

Short and sweet, easy to answer is the key. Don’t make people wade through all sorts of text to figure out what you want.

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Need advice on a marketing situation? Get your Q answered within 48 hours, maybe sooner. Just send an email to and we’ll figure out what the answer’s worth to you.


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