Q&A: How Much Money & Email Marketing’s Role

Agency Access recently introduced The Lab: their brand new email and online resource. The Lab is all about helping creatives grow their ‘inner businessperson’ and making their creative practice bigger, busier, more focused and more rewarding.

In the latest issue, I had the privilege of helping answer two commonly asked questions:

  1. How much money should I set aside for marketing efforts if I am starting out? Is there any way to effectively start small? Here’s an excerpt from my blog post answering this question:

As a standard benchmark, marketing budgets are generally 10 percent of gross revenue. For example, in a business that brings in $100,000 pre-tax, $10,000 would be allocated as your “marketing budget.”

Keep in mind that creative businesses are not exactly “normal”. For most, it takes a while before you can set much aside for marketing. Instead of money, you may have to begin by investing your own time and labor.

Read the rest of my blog post, Financing to Market your New Photography or Illustration Business here.

2. What role does email marketing play in an overall integrated marketing plan? In this 10 minute podcast, I’m one of ten “experienced insiders” who address this question. Listen here.

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