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Proposals, Pricing and Positioning You as an Expert

Posted by Ilise Benun on

That's what we will focus on in the new Advanced Marketing Group we are launching for Fall 2010 (first one starts the week of Sept. 27).

This small group process — the sequel to the Marketing Plan Group — is a 12-lesson program led by me, Ilise Benun and designed for business owners with basic marketing tools in place who are ready to get serious and take the business up to the next level.

The format is almost exclusively group discussion with no more than 4 fellow creative professionals. The centerpiece is a 60-minute conference call every other week during which you will get the rare opportunity to share actual proposals with each other and compare prices on sample projects. At the end of the 12 lessons, you will have:

  1. A process to qualify prospects before you do proposals you’ll never win
  2. A cheat sheet of questions to qualify prospects
  3. A revamped and improved proposal document template
  4. A better handle on your pricing structure and insight into how other creatives think about pricing their projects
  5. Thought Leadership Tools in place: articles, presentations and the places to approach with them
  6. A template to write case studies to include in proposals and publish on your web site
  7. Metrics. You’ll know how many proposals you need to do to make your monthly financial goal.

The first group starts the week of September 27.
If that sounds like exactly what your business needs this Fall, find more details here or fill out this form.

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