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Pricing Trick, Especially for Veteran Creatives

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Package, courtesy, Shutterstock.

Package, courtesy, Shutterstock.

Here’s a pricing problem I see a lot, especially with veteran creatives (you know who you are):

You’ve been plying your trade a while and have gotten really good at what you do, so you do it fast.

That means you can look at a client’s problem and, because you’ve seen so many similar situations, you can strip away everything extraneous, quickly home in on the real issue and envision a solution — sometimes before they’ve even finished telling you the problem.

So for you especially, charging by the hour really doesn’t make sense anymore.

What to do: package your services!

A package could be as simple as saying, “I’ll give you the solution for $XXXX.”

Or, instead of quoting a web redesign or a sales letter based on how much time it will take — the default way of thinking about this — think instead of what the value is to your client and what you think they’d be willing to pay. Then propose it as a “package” or a “product.”

  • “That positioning statement or tagline will cost $2500.”
  • “The web page can be redesigned for $3500.”
  • “I’ll give you a niche for $1000.”

This is not new — lots of people price this way.

It’s the mindset that’s different.

I’ms speaking from personal experience, of course. A creative comes to me with their problem. I’ve heard most of them before so my mind is racing ahead to figure out which solution is best for this particular situation.

This happens especially when I’m talking to someone struggling to pick a niche. I’ll be listening intently and suddenly, their niche comes to me — almost like a premonition. And I want to say, “I’ve got it! Here’s your niche!”

What if I sold that as a service? How much would you pay for that? What would that be worth? Is $1000 too low or too high?

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