[Podcast] What Are Corps Looking for in Freelancers?

What are corporate in house design managers looking for in the freelancers they hire?

Payment by credit card.


That’s right. That’s the short answer Andy Epstein gave when I asked him that question.

“Emphasize the things that matter to these people who hire, especially if you can take credit cards. Indicate that even in your initial outreach or warm email prospecting message.”

How creative you are is, of course, important. But sometimes even more important is whether they can pay you via Paypal or credit card. Because if you can’t work within the structure of their bureaucracy, no degree of creativity is going to get you the project.

Andy Epstein, author of The Corporate Creative

In our podcast interview, Andy Epstein, author of The Corporate Creative, also elaborated on:

  • what kinds of freelancers in house departments are looking for
  • exactly how freelancers should promote themselves to them
  • which hard skills are most attractive to them and
  • which soft skills will set you apart

And don’t assume that just because a company has their own in house department, they don’t need freelancers or independent creatives. According to Andy, that is so not true!

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