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[Podcast] This Secret Prospecting Tool Delivers 16% Response (Or How to Get Better Clients with Chocolate)

Posted by Ilise Benun on

I have to practice what I preach, so recently I sent a follow up message to Direct Response Copywriter, Amy Posner, with whom I had done a free mentoring session and who was considering my coaching services.

She wrote back right away with this, “The marketing machine I put together achieved a 16% response and landed me some great clients. Interestingly, one of the clients I landed was my very best prospect on the list – a pleasant surprise!“

Of course, I wanted to know about her “marketing machine” – exactly what did she do to get this excellent response? So I invited Amy to join me as a guest on the Marketing Mentor podcast to explain just that.

Amy Posner's Chocolate Bar

Amy Posner’s Chocolate Bar

First I asked Amy how she got over the fear that had been getting in her way before she took action. She said, “I decided not to let how I felt about it dictate what I did.”

She explains her 9-step process in exquisite detail in our podcast/interview. But if you don’t have time to listen, here is what she did:

  1. Revised my website – made it more contemporary and easier to navigate (plus some other things to prepare for SEO and efforts I’ll make all year long)
  2. Wrote a new lead magnet piece 
  3. Created an ‘info kit’ that goes with the lead magnet
  4. Wrote and sent a direct mail letter, with a CTA (call to action) sending readers to a URL where they could get the info kit (and of course all the moving parts involved here – thank you pages, emails, etc.)
  5. Built a list of ideal candidates to mail to
  6. Enclosed a chocolate bar with a custom wrapper with my logo picture, contact info and specialties listed – inside a large padded envelope with some cool stamps, all hand-addressed 
  7. Sent a follow up postcard to non-requestors (this is when the responses came)
  8. Will send a third follow up shortly
  9. Sent out new pieces and will send out 10-15/month (or more, time will tell…)

If you need help putting a simple process in place to get better clients with bigger budgets, sign up for my “free ½ hour mentoring session” and check out Module 6 of my new coaching program, Command the Fees You Deserve, (based on my CreativeLive course of the same name).


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