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[Podcast] The confident sound of a narrow niche

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Michael E. Stern reel image

It’s ironic — there are so many golden nuggets in my recent podcast interview with Michael E. Stern that I am having trouble choosing where to focus!

So believe me, I know how hard it is to focus, whether it’s about picking a niche or pulling one thread out of a wide-ranging conversation about the intricacies of marketing.

But focus I will – on the sound of focus.

I call your attention to the sound of Stern‘s voice.

It’s confident, it’s authoritative, it’s the voice of an expert.

He knows what he’s talking about when it comes to construction time-lapse filmmaking – because that’s his niche.

He is focus incarnate – and you can hear it in his voice.

The trick — and the beauty — of strong, clear positioning is that it communicates confidence.

Hear how clear he is about exactly who his web site is for — people that do public and private construction projects.

Look how strategic his web site is – he only includes that which strengthens his message to that audience and strips away everything else.

Here’s how he explained it on the podcast:

My website is not for other photographers, it’s not for marketers. It’s for the people that need the kind of thing that I offer and that’s really what drives the positioning and narrowing the types of the materials that are on the website.

I don’t want anybody to be confused about what I’m offering to do for them when they come to my site, so I have stripped out all the extraneous stuff. It’s a very focused website. My FAQ is about time-lapse. I have a little thing called “Why time-lapse?” on the front page. I have time-lapse narratives, with all of my examples, I’m OSHA Certified. I have a Capabilities Statement. All the things that people that do public and private construction projects need to know about if they are going to hire someone to do a time-lapse. 

Compared to this clarity, a generalist rings hollow.

Listen to our interview here

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