[Podcast] Should you build an online course?

If you are thinking about building an online course to teach what you know and earn “passive income,” this podcast interview is for you.

Now, I am admittedly skeptical about online courses, even though I have done one for CreativeLive (check out Command the Fees You Deserve) and another for AWAI (check out The Simplest Guide to Pricing Copy Projects) and they are both doing really well.

Still, I was reluctant to interview Danny Iny, author of Teach and Grow Rich and founder of Mirasee (formerly Firepole Marketing) on the podcast.

It ended up being a very interesting and informative interview — we talked about online courses, who they are (and aren’t) good for. But I also wanted to hear about how Danny scaled his business to have 25 people working with and for him. Listen and learn…