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[Podcast] Listen if your 2016 Marketing Plan is not in place yet

Posted by Ilise Benun on

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I was recently a guest on Mike Kim’s excellent Brand You podcast in which he played “devil’s advocate” as we unpacked the four stages of my new 30 Minutes a Day Marketing PlanNeedless to say, it was a lot of fun!

Read on for the highlights and if you haven’t gotten your 2016 marketing plan in place yet, it’s not too late. This interview will get you off your butt!

The plan is divided into 4 stages — you choose which is right for you and your business, then follow the simple steps outlined.

Stage 1: Choose. Lots of people resist choosing or don’t know which is the right choice. Mike observed that his choosing started by being a generalist, putting out good but general content that attracted all sorts of people – clients who essentially chose him. He quickly realized he would never choose many of them! So you start by weeding out what you don’t want to do. That’s choosing!

Stage 2: Connect. If you hate networking, you may not understand what it really is. The goal is to find “your people!” Who are your people? The ones who need this thing that you do, especially the way you do it. You won’t know until you go looking for them. And you’ll know them when you find them, I promise!

Stage 3: Cultivate. How do you tap into your content? That’s a question I focus on in the plan. But Mike posed it another way in our interview: how do you allow others to tap into your content? When you do content marketing, you are literally building relationships with strangers, without even knowing it’s happening. I’m doing it right now with you! It may feel like it’s not working because they’re not reaching out to you yet. But they are out there – your people are out there and they are following, reading, listening, watching. And they will reach out when they are ready, as long as you cultivate the relationships with quality content. (In the podcast, Mike and I go into detail about the 4 different types of content marketing you can do.)

Stage 4: Credibilitate. Where does your content belong and in what format? How exactly should you deliver and share your expertise? Should you start a blog or a podcast? The answer that emerged is that it depends on 2 things: how you feel most comfortable delivering it and how your market will best receive it.

Listen here for the full impact of these ideas.

Mike committed to spending 30 minutes/day on his marketing. Have you?



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