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[Podcast] Investing in your clients — and reaping the rewards

Posted by Ilise Benun on


Have you ever agreed to provide your services to a client in exchange for equity or a percentage of their business because you wanted to help and they couldn’t afford to pay you — yet?

Did you ever earn the reward that goes along with that risk? Or did you chalk it up to a good deed done?

Or maybe you’ve thought about investing in a client’s business but just weren’t sure whether to take the risk on this non-traditional type of arrangement?

It can work, if you know how to choose the right deals and the right clients for this type of risk/reward.

Kristian Andersen does, because he spent 10 years perfecting this business model. And that’s what this designer-turned-venture capitalist (of all things!) will be sharing in, “How to go from concept to scalable, venture-backable business,” our fireside chat-style session at HOW Design Live (May 19-23, 2016 in Atlanta).

This session is part of my new Creative Entrepreneur  program and in it you will learn how to tell a good deal from a bad one, and how partnership and shared risk can bring reward in the creative community.

He gave a preview of the session in the latest HOWLive podcast interview. You can find the entire HOW Design Live podcast series on iTunes, SoundCloud and on

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