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Podcast: Independent Writer Reinvents Herself = Business Picks Up

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Since 1984, Leila Zogby has been an independent writer of corporate marketing communications. But when she came to Marketing Mentor in December 2012, she had lost an anchor client and was having a hard time getting new clients. “I needed to change my losing game.”

We did the free ½ hour coaching session (which I offer to anyone I think I can help), and from there decided to do two 1-hour consultations. The result: “You broke the logjam,” said Leila, in our recent interview/podcast about how she took what we discussed. The truth is: she broke the logjam herself. “The process of having to dig into my files and look objectively at the factors influencing my business – the clarity that came from that broke the logjam.” (Listen here.)

Here’s an excerpt:

“The recession really hit people hard, everything has changed and we need to reinvent ourselves. People who are generalists tend to be the ones struggling the most in this economy. That was me! I prided myself on being a generalist and able to tackle anything. But it’s a different world. Which doesn’t mean you don’t do a variety of things. But in your sales approach you have to highlight a particular aspect of your service.

“I realized that I had great strength in long form writing, which, interestingly enough, is coming back into the mix as people are developing content rich strategies. Working with you allowed me to see clearly the advantage I had.

“So now I have changed the way I talk about what I do when I’m prospecting and it’s working fabulously. Now people’s eyes light up and they realize what I’m talking about, both in networking and making calls to prospects. They really respond to it and understand what I can do for them.”

Listen to the podcast to hear her new “elevator pitch,” the metaphor she came up with (it’s related to food!) and the story she tells.

For Leila, it took 2 sessions and she was off and running. It’s different for everyone. But if you’re in the weeds and need some clarity, try the free half hour. Sign up here.

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