[Podcast] How to Take Charge of Your Business — Interview w/ Ram Castillo


I was a little nervous when I arrived a day early in San Francisco last year to prepare for 3 days of live filming of my CreativeLive course, Command the Fees You Deserve.

As luck would have it, I sat in on the taping of Ram Castillo’s course, Create a Knockout Graphic Design Portfolio and watched as he interviewed his guest, Ted Leonhardt, author of Nail It: Stories for Designers on Negotiating with Confidence.

I had never met either of them but I kept in touch with both of them, as I tend to do, and much has come of nurturing those connections, including interviewing Ted for the HOWLive podcast and being interviewed by Ram last month for his Giant Thinkers Podcast.

Be sure to check out both of those resources — lots of great info to grow your creative business.