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[Podcast] How to Reach Influencers in Your Market (includes live example)

Posted by Ilise Benun on

You may be talented, but without exposure to the right audience, it’s hard to get the doors open that you’d like to walk through.

This holds true whether you are a musician or a commercial artist.

Before the Internet, that exposure was very expensive. But all that has changed. Now there are creative people everywhere using the Internet (very creatively) to gain access to the influencers who can help build the audience they need to grow.BudiVoogt

Budi Voogt is a music entrepreneur in the Netherlands, and author of The SoundCloud Bible, who has been “leveraging the internet” to get the exposure he needed to kickstart the careers of the musicians his agency manages. One of his success stories involves San Holo, an electronic music artist, who went from teaching guitar to touring the world and from 4000 to 150,000 followers in one year.

In our recent podcast/interview, Voogt explained exactly how he did that and how his methodology can be applied to designers, copywriters and other creative professionals who want to reach a much bigger audience.

One of his most effective techniques involves identifying the “tastemakers” or influencers in your markets, the ones who have a dedicated following of the people you want to reach.

Once you’ve identified them, you do your research to find out what would be of value of them and use that information to develop relationships so that they support your product and share your work to their audience.

This simple methodology drives the growth of Voogt’s artists and his record labels, Heroic Recordings and Villain Recordings. (Read his blog post for more on exactly how he does this.)

Note that these relationships are not based on favors. These influencers agree to help because you offer them something of value, which you learn through your research. In his case, Voogt offers exclusive content (a music track) or first dibs on a music release, that is, an opportunity to be the first to publicize something new.

Don’t think I didn’t notice that this is the strategy Voogt used with me. I assume he approached me because he sees me as one of these “tastemakers” and he wants to promote his new Music Marketing Academy course to my audience.

But he didn’t come out and ask me to promote it. Instead he offered to share his content — here’s the message I received:

Subject line: Introduction

Dear Ilise,

 I’m the co-founder of Heroic, a record label group and agency. We represent a number of major electronic artists, some of whom we’ve helped to get from 0 to a worldwide touring level. Also I’m the author of The SoundCloud Bible, a book focused on mastering the SoundCloud platform. 

 Beyond that, I write about the industry and our journey on my blog, where I have a steadily growing and engaged audience. Currently, beyond everything related to the label, I’m about to launch my Music Marketing Academy course, a comprehensive online video curriculum on online music marketing. 

 I’m a big fan of the podcast and would love to come on as a guest. I’ve placed a few topic suggestions below, but am open to any other ideas you may have. 

 – How a group of friends leveraged the internet to get artists to tour the world. 

– How targeted commitment made me an authority in the music marketing space (and led to a successful book launch) 

 Let me know if this is something you’re interested in. Thanks! 

I responded because I do think there’s a potential for value there – listen to the podcast (or find it on iTunes) and let me know what you think.

More important, how can you use this technique?

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