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[Podcast] How to get your clients to buy your most creative work

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Sometimes I hear creative professionals complaining that their clients won’t let them be as creative as they’d like to be. But complaining doesn’t really help. You know that, right?

One solution is offering a “crazy package.”

In addition to the (in your opinion) boring things your clients ask for, go ahead and give them options to choose from, including your most creative services — your “crazy package,” as Laurie Millotte calls it.

Laurie does branding and packaging for wine and food (that’s her niche) and she finds that offering two or three “packages” imbues a project with flexibility and gives her a chance to offer a a suite of services she secretly thinks of as her “crazy package” — with an equally crazy price.

She’s not afraid to scare her client off with her wild ideas because, as she says, “I can always go crazy on one option because the other 2 are not crazy.”

She recently presented this type of proposal to a German ice cream company, knowing it was a bit outrageous. But it was an experiment. She wanted to see what they would do.

Within an hour, the client bought it!

Listen to hear more about how she did it. (Or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.) And find Laurie on LinkedIn too.

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