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Podcast: How I schedule my day…

Posted by Ilise Benun on

This morning, on a lark, copywriter Deidre Rienzo, and did an impromptu podcast in which she interviewed me about how I "do" my day. It gave me a chance to go into more detail about how I use that infamous Post-It Note, how I use my dog for productivity purposes, how many breaks I take (and whether I have to eat something every time I go into the kitchen) and much more.

What I didn't mention is the most important trick (which is of course no trick at all): getting up at 5:30 am! A long day lets me get a lot more done and use that quiet time in the morning to really focus and think.

Self-employed people don't get to see exactly how other creatives structure their days. So in this podcast, we dig into my details. (I hope you'll share yours in the comments.) In this interview, I answer questions like:

• How many things go on your post-it note?
• When do you take breaks, how often, and for how long?
• What makes you feel stressed?
• When is your day done?
• What do I say no to? Say maybe to? Put off?
• How is saying “no” related to productivity?

Listen to the full 12-minute podcast here—and tell me—how do you run your day?

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Also, check out this Pinterest board where I'm collecting resources and tools for productivity.

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