[Podcast] Have an idea? Make it happen.


I speak to so many people who have an idea for a business or a side gig, but they aren’t ready yet. In my recent interview with Cassie Boorn, Founder of Maker Mentors, I discovered she had an interesting take on this situation.

In our recent podcast interview (in preparation for the Maker Mentors Conference— April 20 & 21), she said:

“Once you launch, then you can test new things, try new things, find new ways to make money from your idea…and that’s the part where you actually learn the most and are able to grow the quickest. The faster you put your idea out into the world, the faster you will grow it into something big.”

After ruminating on the idea for three years, she launched her business, Maker Mentors, about a year ago. It’s an online community that helps creative business owners figure out how they can build their business and grow it to the next level. Cassie started her career in online marketing where she helped brands work with online influencers and bloggers. She noticed how “magic happens when you bring hundreds of creative, likeminded people together” to talk about their businesses.

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Cassie’s goal is to connect people, makers, to the experts and show them where the great resources are…which is exactly what will be happening in the Maker Mentors Conference, Online & Everywhere, April 20 & 21, 2016. I will be speaking and I’m in great company. Check out the other speakers.

Listen to my interview with Cassie and find out more about the online conference here.