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Podcast: Email Newsletter = New Clients

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Every time a client lets me know how well their email marketing is working, I have to pass it along as more proof that although this marketing tool takes thought and preparation, it’s worth it because it works! I tell you that from my own personal experience sending out my Quick Tips and from that of creative professionals like Toronto-based Sherri Gallowitz of G Strategic.

Sherri launched her independent design business 3 years ago with a focus on nonprofit sectors such as social services and arts/culture. Sherri loves to rub shoulders with prospects at in person networking events but she needed an easy way to stay in touch with all those people (350 in all at the moment). So last year we worked together on developing her newsletter and in November 2012, she started sending it out. 

Only four months later, she’s already gotten work from it. “It’s been amazing. People respond to say they like it. But I also already have 2 decent contracts from 2 new clients. This latest client wasn't even on my mailing list – someone must have forwarded it to them.”

Here’s how Sherri secured one of those 2 contracts. “When I see that someone I’m interested in working with has clicked (and I’m assuming read it), I send an email — not immediately but a few days later — saying, ‘I recently sent out my newsletter and I’m doing some follow up…etc.’ I tailor my message to the relationship with that person. That follow up led to one of the 2 new clients. I got a conversation going, we met and that’s the project I’m working on now.”

Listen to our interview here.

If it’s time for you to do a newsletter but you need help, here are some resources for you:

  1. Hire me! I’ll help you develop your content and turn it into an email newsletter you can fit into your life! Send me a message for more details. And check out these recent email newsletters
  2. Try out Emma! We love Emma, the best email marketing provider for creative professionals (and stylish too!) so much that we’ve arranged a 20% discount for you. Details here
  3. Learn it on your own in my “independent study” course, “Developing A Successful Online Marketing Plan.” 
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