[Podcast] Answers to Your Burning Questions for the “Ideal Client”

I must say, I love this week’s webinar, 3 Steps to Your Ideal Clients, in which I outlined exactly what you have to know in order to find and approach your ideal clients (that’s Part 1), followed by a kick-ass interview with my “surprise guest” (that’s Part 2). I asked all the questions you only wish you could ask the people you dream of working with. This is must-listen if you want to stop taking clients who don’t value (and therefore can’t pay for!) your services.

It’s all part of the Get Better Clients Bootcamp, my new 1/2 day intensive coming up this May 2, 2017 in Chicago. Come for a half day, then stay for HOW Design Live (or not!)Get Better Clients Bootcamp

Listen to Part 1, How to Attract Your Ideal Clients with Ilise Benun on the HOW Design Live Podcast.

Here is Part 2: Answers to Your Burning Questions for the “Ideal Client,” Jamie Saunders of Neenah Paper and Packaging on the MarketingMentorPodcast.com