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[Podcast] A Secret You May Be Keeping From Yourself

Posted by Ilise Benun on


Michael e. Stern called me recently and left a very excited message about an idea he had for our next podcast interview.

He’d had an epiphany about how mid-career self employed creative professionals (whom he calls SECPs) are sabotaging themselves by giving away their power when it comes to pricing.

I was intrigued …

We discussed a lot (as always), but here’s one of the big ideas we delved into: if you’re new to being self employed, then it makes sense that you wouldn’t always be making the best decisions for yourself and your prices would be on the low end. That’s how we learn.

But if you’ve been in business a while (he uses the 8-10 year timeframe), then by now you have a strong portfolio and body of work, a lot of experience dealing with clients and the ups and downs of this life of freedom, and hopefully a certain expertise. So you should not still be struggling with pricing and giving your power away to your clients. But he’s noticed in himself (and I see this in a lot of clients too) that there’s a gap between what you’ve actually accomplished and how you perceive it yourself and therefore present it to clients.

So if that rings true, listen to our conversation and see if you can integrate the tips we suggest.

For more of my podcast interviews with Michael, listen to “Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned” and the one burst on the scene with, “The Confident Sound of a Narrow Niche.”

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