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Podcast: 4 Best Practices To Keep Your Pipeline Full

Posted by Ilise Benun on

I recently interviewed an old, old friend of mine, Dana Manciagli, who will be speaking on Cut the Crap, Start Networking, at CFC 2013 this June 22-24 in San Francisco.

Dana refers to herself as “a bizdev person at heart.” She’s a 30+ year sales/marketing veteran in the throes of reinventing herself as a freelance speaker/author. (Her book Cut the Crap, Get a Job! will be out soon.)

In this podcast, we talked about the parallels between 21st century job search and being a self employed creative looking for clients. We agreed that in both:

  • You are selling yourself. You are the brand.
  • You need to sell on an ongoing basis for long term relationships (not just the short term).  

Therefore, you need to: 

  • Track every move you make in your bizdev process, otherwise good opportunities will fall through the cracks. (With Marketing Mentor’s 2013 Marketing Plan for Creative Professionals, you get a spreadsheet with all the columns pre-populated.)
  • Keep the pipeline full and make time to work the funnel. You need lots and lots of leads cooking at a time. When one prospects drops out, you must immediately replace it.
  • Be persistent. Dana says 3 is the magic number. “You must follow up 3 times on every lead.” 
  • Thank everyone for everything. “You can’t thank people enough.” Send thank you notes, gift cards, offers to reciprocate. Bend over backwards to thank anyone who does anything for you. It will pay off in the end.

Come hear Dana in person at CFC June 22-24 in SF! Get $50 off (CFC only) with promo code "ILISE". Register here now:

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