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[Podcast] #301 Simple Client Communication Tactics with Michael e. Stern

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Photo by Michael e. Stern of

Photo by Michael e. Stern of

If you’ve enjoyed my regular chats with veteran creative pro and time lapse filmmaker, Michael e. Stern of (who also wrote a book of the same name), here’s the next one (#8 if you’re counting).

In this episode, Michael and I talked about how to figure out the right thing to say — verbally and in writing — in sticky client communication situations.

Many of us get into trouble when we respond too quickly and blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. Michael and I agreed that’s not usually the best thing to say.

Instead, take the time you need to get your message right, hours or days if necessary. Don’t give in to the seemingly urgent desire to respond right away, whether they put that pressure on you or you put it on yourself.

We also talked about how to follow up with clients who don’t respond when they don’t have any news to report and we came up with a pretty good strategy to try. (I think it will work.)

That’s not all! We also bantered about:

  • how to decide whether to pick up the phone or put your response in writing
  • who should propose the deadline, you or your client?
  • what questions to ask a new client about communication preferences
  • why it’s important to get your client on the phone and meet them in person, if possible
  • what mindset is required to communicate confidently with big wig clients

Listen now and see what you can apply to your own business (and life).

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