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[Podcast] #299 How to Be a Media Magnet with Terri Trespicio & Paula Rizzo

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Do you need a book to get on TV?
And can your book be self-published?

We spent a lot of time answering these questions in my recent interview with Terri Trespicio and Paula Rizzo, whose new (and free!) 3-part video course, “How to Be a Media Magnet” was just released.

Here’s the short answer:

If you’re pitching the media with a self-published book or with a traditionally published book, that book is not your pitch. People think, “Oh, I’ll write a book and then that book will get me in the media.” No one cares about your book, unless you’re Oprah. 

You need to be able to pull out the takeaways that the viewers and readers can use right now. Just the fact that you have a book, that’s not newsworthy.

Listen to the whole interview — tons of takeaways — I learned a lot! And if you like what you hear, find How to Be a Media Magnet here.


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