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Pigeonhole Yourself — Before They Pigeonhole You

Posted by Ilise Benun on

You’ve heard it before:

One of the main reasons to specialize and choose a niche is because it allows you to charge more than the generalists can.

Pricing Power image-pigeonhole



Maybe that’s why Steve Majors of Pricing Power invited me to his podcast. (Listen on iTunes here.)

Here’s one of the comments I made that seems to have struck a chord:

PHotoQuote Pigeonhold 4.24.15

Listen to our conversation here…it was wide-ranging and we covered marketing and pricing questions including:

  • how to decide which marketing tools to use
  • how to do package or tiered pricing
  • mistakes creative pros make with proposals

Also, I shared a very simple new idea I’ve been developing to help uncomplicate and allay the fear of pricing. Listen and let me know what you think.

And if you’re ready to pick a niche, the Pick a Niche Kit will give you everything you need to choose your niches – with almost 30 examples of people just like you who’ve done it and thrived!



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