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PhotoShelter is giving away this online marketing blueprint

Posted by Ilise Benun on

PhotoShelter offers some incredible free reports packed with business-growing info.

Today, they launched The Freelancer’s Online Marketing Blueprint (which I’m proud to have contributed to). This report has guidance and insight on a variety of online marketing techniques intended to fuel a steady pipeline of new prospects and keep existing clients coming back for more. And it’s free to download.

Here’s an excerpt from the section, “How a website gets you work”:

Just about every website template company that targets creative freelancers makes the claim “our websites are so attractive, they’ll get you more work.” The reality is, while an attractive website might help a bit, it really can’t help you at all if a regular stream of new potential clients aren’t visiting it. (Remember your funnel – adding more prospects into the top of your funnel can result in more paying clients.)

On the other hand, a website truly can help you get more work if it is properly optimized and maintained to become a traffic magnet. To get your website to that happy place, you need to understand search engine optimization (SEO) and use the basic SEO principles to your advantage. In fact, SEO happens to be one area that can really help a freelancer with the constant tension between servicing clients and marketing your business. While you’re busy working for your clients, strong SEO can still be working on your behalf to attract new visitors to your website.

The Freelancer’s Online Marketing Blueprint also includes:
• Key Marketing Concepts
• Gathering Leads & Turning Them Into Sales
• Growing Your Business With Social Media
• Driving New Business With PPC Advertising
• Making Smart Marketing Decisions
• Putting It All Together

My section is entitled, “3 Steps to becoming an expert (in the eyes of your clients),” and here’s the intro:

A creative professional I work with recently lost a big project. It wasn’t because his price was too high – he was, in fact, priced on the low end. He lost it to a creative who had demonstrated expertise in the prospect’s industry.

That’s what mattered most.

Likewise, your prospects can’t afford to risk choosing someone who isn’t a “specialist” in their industry. So more and more of them are choosing creative professionals who demonstrate expertise, whether in a medium or an industry.

Ready for more? Download PhotoShelter’s free report here.

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