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Personality over portfolio?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Sometimes, getting the work is more about knowing your market than anything else.

In fact, at the ASPP panel in Boston, we learned that art buyers sometimes choose their vendors based on personality over portfolio, which means you have to focus on the interactions as much as the pictures. That could even mean "friending" them on Facebook!

This is just one of the tidbits from the interview I did with Andrew Fingerman, VP of Marketing at PhotoShelter. Want to know more about how creatives can effectively market themselves (to get the work)?

Listen to the whole interview here:

(Even though we are talking about photographers, the concepts carry over to all creative pros.)

Also, if you’re a photographer in the New York area, join me and Allen Murabayashi, CEO & Co-founder of PhotoShelter, on May 26th, as we present an event for the American Society of Picture Professionals: Don’t be Marketing, Self Promotion & Social Networking.

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