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Permission to network

Posted by Ilise Benun on

The reason we attend networking events, is to network, right?

But it seems that often, despite the title, “networking event,” people still have a hard time networking.

At least week’s Freelancers Union speed networking event, Practice Your 10-Word Blurb, Dyana Valentine and I gave attendees “permission” to network. This meant it was ok to say, “Hi, my name is…” and “Excuse me, I’m going to mingle and meet some more people.”  We found that it’s not even about the language that is used – it’s about having the permission in the room.

Our goal was to create an atmosphere where networking was the goal — because when you practice networking, you get better at it. Then, ultimately, you will feel more comfortable networking in “networking” environments, or any environment at all.

Do you have a favorite exit line when you’re ready to finish a conversation and talk to someone new?

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